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Space Age

Designed for: Personal Project exploration of alien relics of the sea.

This project was my first experiment with the Sandmarc macro lens. These lenses easily adjust to any smartphone for unique photos and videos. Originally I was interested in filming the textures and odd funky grooves in seashells and decided to film the seashells in the water thinking maybe the bubbles and the water would make them look more natural. What I didn't realize is tiny microbes would still be clinging to the surfaces of these shells instantly coming back to life upon being submerged. The shells were vessels from another world teeming with life waiting to be reawakened. Polishing up the footage in post production this project in close up texture observation transformed into a deep dive into an anti gravity particle environment filled with alien microbial life.

*Raw footage from iPhone x with Sandmarc macro lens

*Color corrections for the space age vibes


Living in South Florida when it comes to projects involving seashells there's no shortage of materials. I like to take time out at least once a week to go visit the ocean and reset and I've always seen seashells as long lost artifacts from the sea. Each one unique in its details they were the perfect start for me to learn how quick macro lens's alter the viewing experience and create alternate realities on a microscopic scale.

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